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Routledge are delighted to announce the publication of Museums, Equality and Social Justice edited by Richard Sandell and Eithne Nightingale, part of the Museum Meanings series.

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To accompany the publication, Professor Richard Sandell has personally selected five journal articles to complement the reading of this new text. We are pleased to be able to offer these articles for free, for a limited period of time. Click here for access!


Museums, Equality and Social Justice, edited by Richard Sandell and Eithne Nightingale

‘The chapters in this remarkable collection are at once a record of profound organisational learning, a critical guide for practice, and a stirring call for museums to understand and realise their full potential in contributing to the creation of a richer, fairer society.’ Mark O’Neill, Director of Policy and Research, Glasgow Life, UK and Lois H. Silverman, Author of The Social Work of Museums, USA. Museums, Equality and Social Justice aims to reflect on and, crucially, to inform debates in museum research, policy and practice at a critical time. It brings together new research to explore the ways in which museums, galleries and heritage organisations are engaging with the fast-changing equalities terrain and the shifting politics of identity at global, national and local levels and to investigate their potential to contribute to more equitable, fair and just societies.


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Museum Making: Narratives, Architectures, Exhibitions, edited by Suzanne Macleod, Laura Hourston Hanks, Jonathan Hale

Over recent decades, many museums, galleries and historic sites around the world have enjoyed large-scale investment in their capital infrastructure; in building refurbishments and new gallery displays. The period has also seen the creation of a series of new purpose-built museums and galleries, and a fundamental reinvention in the design and shaping of museums. Museum Making: Narratives, Architectures, Exhibitions explores this re-making through a focus on the inherently spatial character of narrative and storytelling and their potential to connect with human perception and imagination.

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Appropriate Museology in Theory and Practice, Christina Kreps

Designing Immersion Exhibits as Border-crossing Environments, Marianna Foss Mortensen

Generic Wellbeing Outcomes in Museums, Erica Ander, Linda Thomson, Guy Noble, Anne Lanceley, Usha Menon & Helen Chatterjee

A New Strategic Approach to the Museum and its Relationship to Society, James M. Bradburne

The Social Work of Museums, Ellen Munley



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