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Icon Metals Group in Association with Cardiff University

Date 12th April 2012

Venue: Cardiff University

Fee £50.00 – to include refreshments and lunch


call for papers: codes of ethics and conservation

This is a CPD certified event

This one day conference will be informal and inclusive and invites the conservation  community together to help evaluate how ethics have influenced our profession in the  past and how they might define our future.

Ethics should always underpin conservation but do we fully understand the complex nature  of how they might influence our decision making process.

Promoting ethical awareness is not all about what is right and what is wrong it is being  able to apply a cultural and social responsibility that fundamentally underwrites our core  values.

This event is a must for those seeking an introduction to ethics or those who would like to update their professional working knowledge of ethics in conservation.

The programme will be delivered and chaired by an expert panel selected to provide a  wide spectrum of experience and knowledge drawn from across the museum and heritage  community.

The day will follow a “Question Time” type format encouraging diverse and searching discussion. We welcome challenging case studies or thought provoking hypothetical scenarios.

Presentations will be 7 minutes covering 5 core subjects followed by discussion and spread  over 4 sessions

1. Assessing the impact of access and operation on collections

2. Quantifying the influence of statutory legislation within conservation

3. Examination of the market trends and collection care criteria driving object disposal and ethical dispersal

4. Assessment of how the governments “Big Society” ideology is defining the need for sustainable knowledge transfer and volunteer training

5. The relevance of a code of ethics in relation to professional practice

A full conference programme and booking form will be available early 2012

To submit a presentation or register an interest please contact Ian Clark by email or telephone 07836 536932

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