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 8th SACR Conf. – Romanian Society of Cultural Anthropology, Bucharest, DL 14.08

The Material Culture (Re)Turn in Anthropology: Promises and Dead-ends
Bucharest, 22-25 September 2011

Presentations may, but are not required to engage themes related to consumption and material consumption, but also bodily practices, mobility and migration, household economies, media and culture, science and technology studies, ethnographies of work and professional groups, environment and natural resources or exchange.

Application process: We accept both individual abstracts and panel proposals. Panel proposals should have three or four individual
abstracts and a short (maximum 100 words) description. Individual abstracts should have no more than 150 words. The languages of the conference are English, French and Romanian. Abstracts may be written in any language of the conference. If you plan to present in Romanian or French, please also attach the English translation. Individual abstracts and panel proposals should be sent to Submission deadline: August 14th, 2011.

More detalis – here


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