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The Alexander Rave Foundation traces its origins back to an endowment made by the Hamburg businessman Alexander Rave in 1942. The Alexander Rave Foundation promotes further education and research in the fields of science, the arts and culture. Thus far, the Rave Foundation has been active in:

1. The annual awarding of around 10 scholarships to young curators, restorers, museum technicians and cultural managers who live in a country in transition or a developing country. The scholarships allow for a three-to-six-month practical training period or non-paid work at a German museum, gallery or similar non-commercial institution in the area of the fine arts.

2. The annual awarding of a research prize on Foreign Cultural Policy in order to highlight an outstanding thesis or dissertation in the field of foreign cultural research.

3. The promotion of subjects on Foreign Cultural Policy in university education. (In German)


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