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Venue: Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Ferrand, France.
Dates: 17-19 November 2011
Conference organisers: EHIC (EA 1087)
Submission deadline: 2 may 2011.

Conference papers might address, but are not limited to, the following issues:

– Museums and their social, economic, political and cultural environments.

– The history of migration in museums and identity construction.

– The influence of dominant policies and discourses on such representations.

– Museographical choices and migration stories.

– The history of migration and museums as memorial spaces.

We are looking for papers from a broad spectrum of museum practitioners and scholars (history, geography, museum studies, cultural studies, sociology, anthropology) and we hope that the sessions will be international in scope leading to fruitful comparisons. We intend to publish an edited volume of essays based on selected conference papers.

Language: the language preferred for papers is English but papers in French will also be accepted if extensive summaries in English are provided to help those struggling with the oral presentation.

If you are interested in proposing a paper, please submit your proposal (approximately 500 words) for a 20-minute presentation and a brief bio (50 words) by 2nd May 2011 to the following address:


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