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Scottish Society for Art History
Research Support Grants

The Scottish Society for Art History promotes scholarship in the history of Scottish art and art located in Scotland. To facilitate this, the SSAH offers  esearch support grants from £50 to £300 to assist with research costs and travel expenses. Applicants must be working at a post-graduate level or above and should either be resident in Scotland or doing research that  necessitates travel to Scotland.

Application deadlines: 30 November and 31 May.

To apply please send:
•    a cover letter
•    current curriculum vitae
•    a brief project description (300-500 words) specifying how the grant will be used and how it relates to a broader research agenda
•    a budget
•    the name and e-mail address of one reference

Address applications to:
SSAH Research Support Grants
c/o Shannon Hunter Hurtado
1/63 Merchiston Crescent
Edinburgh EH10 5AQ

Further details: Dr. Shannon Hunter Hurtado <>


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