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The European Parliament is establishing a House of European History in Brussels. The plan is for a modern exhibition, documentation and information centre to cultivate the memory of European history and European integration, and to contribute to a better understanding of the development of Europe by using attractive permanent and temporary exhibitions. The focus of the planned permanent exhibition is to be on European history since the First World War and especially on the period after 1945, complemented by references back to the continent’s roots, Europe’s history in the Middle Ages and modern European history. The permanent exhibition is not intended to portray national histories of European countries, but will instead focus on European phenomena. The opening is scheduled for 2014.

– Coordinating and managing the project for the foundation of the House of European History;
– Drawing up, devising and organising the House of European History’s programme of activities;
– Designing, devising and organising exhibitions to display the collections and make them more widely known;
– Managing, supervising, motivating and coordinating one or more teams
– Advising the Secretariat and MEPs in the area of activity concerned;
– Managing and seeing through specific projects likely to involve financial responsibilities;
– Carrying out the tasks of authorising officer by subdelegation.

Completed university studies, preferably at PhD level, proven academic qualifications in the appropriate area of expertise, experience in designing and carrying out museum or exhibition projects, language skills and good team player skills.

Knowledge and experience:
– Excellent knowledge of European history, particularly 20th century history
– Excellent knowledge of museum work, particularly in the planning and
management of museums and/or exhibitions;
– Excellent economic and administrative experience of managing a cultural institute or comparable managerial experience;
– Very good general knowledge of European affairs;
– Knowledge of the Secretariat’s structure, organisation, environment and the various people involved;
– Knowledge of the Financial Regulation, the implementing rules and Parliament’s internal rules and other subordinate texts;
– Very good administrative skills (e.g. in areas of human resources, management, budgeting, finance, IT, legal affairs etc.)

Candidates must also have a thorough knowledge of one of the EU official languages and a very good knowledge of another official language. For functional reasons a very good knowledge of English is required. Knowledge of other EU official languages will be an advantage.

Environment: Location: Brussels. The duties involved involve travel between and outside the places of work, flexibility, frequent contact with people inside and outside Parliament and contact with MEPs.

Selection procedure:
Applicants must be nationals of the EU and send their applications in English, together with a personal statement and a curriculum vitae (a Europass CV), by email to no later than 12 noon, Brussels time, on 9 July 2010.


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