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Tuesday to Thursday, 1–3 December, 2009

Topics include visitor experience, social media, graphic design, theatrical and “dark” interpretation

Worried about the economy, H1N1, the costs of travel or lengthy approval processes? Let your worries melt away, as experts from across North America inspire you with cutting edge topics – delivered right to your computer. No matter how remote your museum, park, or site, you will be connected to a thriving community of interpreters across Canada and beyond.

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Sam Ham, will discuss how the work we do can make a tangible difference in the world. So grab a coffee, log in, and join us for this exciting event!


Many participants in last November’s IC workshops saw using more technology as a key way forward for our association. IC board members are pleased to offer this opportunity back to you.

Conference Details:

There will be six live online sessions, as well as our first-ever online AGM (Annual General Meeting).

Registration will give you access to all seven sessions as well as continued access to the recorded sessions for six months.  So if your time zone or daily work prevents you from attending all of the sessions, you will still have access.

Registration Fees:

These will be converted to your local currency when you pay, as with some other online purchases.

Early bird rates:

 – US $90 for IC members

 – US $150 for non-members. Non-member rate includes a one-year individual professional membership.

For more information and to register visit


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  1. De ce nu si o transmisie live a evenimentelor pe care le desfasurati. Intrati pe pentru mai multe detalii

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