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This seminar will both present the results of a range of recent (fascinating) research studies in this field, and examine in depth how the technology is being used in practice in museums.

The day will consist of two related parts. Our morning session will introduce participants to a range of current learning options using mobile technology, and provide in-depth, research-based feedback about its effectiveness in the learning process within museums, galleries and heritage organisations.

The afternoon session will be held at the National Maritime Museum where participants will hear and see at first-hand how one cutting-edge mobile learning system (OOKL) is being successfully used; the Museum will also be sharing the results of recently commissioned research; and, finally, participants will themselves be able to use the technology in a museum context.


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  1. Hi: fabulous site. If it’s possible to add the (free) translation widget tht wold be great for those of us who don’t understand Romanian!

    And if one or two of your Romanian readers would like to attend this event we’d be delighted to offer them a free place!

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