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I am pleased to announce that the Latest issue of museum & society is now available online at

Special issue: Constructing Nature Behind the Glass edited by Samuel J. M.M. Alberti and Christopher Whitehead


Constructing Nature Behind the Glass, Samuel J.M.M. Alberti

Repair work: surfacing the geographies of dead animals, Kerle Patchett and Kate Foster

The matter and meaning of museum taxidermy, Rachel Poliquin

Nature dissected, or dissection naturalized? The case of John Hunter’s museum, Simon Chaplin

From natural history to science: display and the transformation of American museums of science, Karen A. Rader and Victoria E. M. Cain

Rethinking the value of biological specimens: laboratories, museums and the Barcoding of Life Initiative, Rebecca Ellis


Book Reviews

Ken Arnold, Cabinets for the Curious: Looking Back at Early English Museums – Paula Findlen
Conal McCarthy, Exhibiting Māori: A History of Colonial Cultures of Display – Julia Adams


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