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Conference in Reykjavik 3-5 December 2008

Reteaua Nationala a Muzeelor din Romania recomanda:  

NODEM (Nordic Digital Excellence in Museums) is a professional forum for exchanging knowledge and establishing collaboration between museums, research institutions, galleries, science
and discovery centres, cultural/natural heritage sites and similar organisations.

The location of the NODEM 08 conference, Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, helps to set the background for this year’s theme: Experiences in Natural and Cultural Heritage. Iceland is well known for its long tradition in natural/cultural heritage communication in both digital and non-digital forms. That makes Iceland an interesting catalyst for thinking about alternative ways that digital excellence can support experiences rather than to merely support information.

The conference will invite several keynote speakers as well as calling for paper and project presentations. The conference will also include workshops, an exhibition of outstanding projects, digital solutions, and other features related to the theme of the conference, an awards ceremony
and visits to exhibitions.

NODEM 08 invites submissions of papers, project presentations and exhibition proposals from museum and exhibition designers, museum experts, researchers, curators, social scientists, interaction designers, media producers, artists, ICT developers and engineers or anyone else who has an interest in the field.


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